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Me & Grandmas

Here's my Grandma Jean.  She lives with us now.  Mom used to take me and my Granny on a car ride to McDonald's.  I get a plain hamburger and they get ice cream or something.  We would just sit in the car, eat and relax a bit and then we go home.


Me & Grandma Jean


Here I am with my Grandma Jean.  She used to tell everyone, "Buster is so spoiled rotten.  Anything that rotten needs to go in the garbage."




This is my Grandma Nan.  She doesn't like dogs, but she LOVES me!  She said, "Boy, your Mama has just ruined you. You are sooo spoiled."  And, in deed I am.  She gives me bacon, chicken and I just love her macaroni and cheese!  Delicious!


Trash Day!!


So one Friday when my Mom was putting out the garbage, she turned around and there I was.... laying with the garbage.  She just had to take that picture, which tickled my Grandma totally pink!




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