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Stories About Me!

You'll find funny stories of me on this page....

My Ex-Daddy tried to kill me (he didn't mean it)!

My Ex-Daddy & the BAD Car!When I was just a little puppy (about 6 months old), my Ex-Daddy took me for a drive in his convertible (that's the bad car I was riding in) with the top down.  I had just come from the Spa (Pet Taxi, that is) getting my regular bath and he decided to take me for a ride with him.  My Mom was so angry at him because she didn't trust me with him and she had a feeling something would happen to me.  Well, she was right.  Dahhhhh, no one told me that you're not suppose to jump from a moving car!!  There I was... still attached to my leash, fell out the side of the car, thumping around on the side.  Scared my Ex-Daddy half to death as he had to pull the car over slowly - he thought I went under the tire.  So he finally got me back in the car, shivering uncontrollably (me that is) and when I got home I ran to my Mommy.  I was "black" from all the dirt.  Looked like I had tire marks on me.  When my Ex-Daddy told her what happened, she said he was never taking me alone in the car ever again!  And believe me, I didn't want to go either!

Staying with the Babysitter Barb & SpotWhen my Mom went out of town I stayed with my babysitter named Barb.  And her hubby is Howard and they have a cockapoo named Spot who is my girlfriend.  Well, the first time I stayed with them I decided I wasn't going to eat.  Barb thought I was starving so she sent Howard to get me a couple of hamburgers from McDonalds - my fasting ended very quickly when they arrived!  And one time I didn't eat, Barb made me scrambled eggs with cheese.  I was such a snot - I didn't eat it off the plate so she hand-fed it to me.  I can really sucker these people!

Just so you'll also know - Barb is the Manager of TGP Collection on Larchmere which is a high end resale shop to benefit The Gathering Place.  My Mom and ex-Daddy buy a lot of good stuff up there and whenever you go in there, the stuffs all different.  And you'll be greeted by my girlfriend Spot at the door!!!  Don't forget to give her a little hug.

Going to McDonald's for Breakfast When my Mom worked from home, just about every morning we drove to McDonald's - she'd get her breakfast and coffee and a me a side of bacon.  Well, one morning there was a different lady taking the order at the drive thru window. My Mom said her regular order and the lady entered the order as if to put the extra bacon on the sandwich.  The speaker was still open and my Mom heard the regular lady say, "no, she wants that on the side."  The order taker said, "no she wants extra bacon on the sandwich."  The regular lady said, "no she doesn't - watch."  So when we pulled up to the window, the regular lady said, "she wants a side of bacon for the dog!"  I said, "you're right."  So my Mom ended up with extra bacon on her sandwich, plus my side of bacon.  I ended up with all of the bacon!  Lucky me!



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