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About Me! Buster Bray Jr.


This section is a little about me!
Me and Baby Melpie (he was given away to a friend)Well, I am 6 years old and spoiled rotten.  I am a mixed breed - Bichon and Poodle mix that is.  I am built like a poodle somewhat, but am more like a Bichon.  I don't have a tail!  I have a little stubby that wiggles back and forth sometimes.  But when I get really excited, my whole fanny shakes back and forth.

I stay home with my Grandma Jean now during the day to keep her company while my Mommy works.  My Mom Me and my Mom!used to work at a hospital, but now she works out of the house doing all her computer stuff.  When we lived with my ex-daddy, I laid in her lap while she sat at the computer in the office, but now I can't do that because we don't have a "Mommy & Boo Boo" chair anymore.  My Mom's gotta get us one.  It's been a hard transition, but I am a big boy.  I can handle it!

I love to be rubbed and brushed.  I get bacon (doggie bacon that is, "Purina Beggin' Strips"), every morning when I bring in the newspaper to my Grandma Jean.  Sometimes the paper is too heavy, but I still get the bacon anyway.  In the evening, I get chocolate candy (not real chocolate because I'd get sick) and doggie cookies.  This is my evening treat that I get from Grandma Jean too.  By the way, visit Purina's website and you can get coupons that when you use them, they'll benefit homeless pets.

There's more about me all over my website, so please continue your visit.

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Buster Bray Jr.




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